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The Elle Jewellery Story

Elle Jewellery Pty Ltd was established in the summer of 1990. Since humble beginnings at a small Sydney CBD office, our company 'Elle' has emerged as one of the fashion industry's most sought after suppliers of fashion accessories. Elle's focus is to offer quality accessories that are well designed.

Throughout its history, Elle Jewellery has always prided itself for specialising in catering to the Australian market and most importantly, to Australian women’s fashion. Notably Elle has one of the most comprehensive fashion accessory ranges in Australia. The company has a 3-pronged product service offer which includes MANUFACTURING, IMPORTS and WHOLESALE – Elle is the ideal business partner for any fashion retailer or customer.

Elle's client portfolio includes all types of business; big or small! 'We believe, no matter the size of your business, we can cater for your every need.' Every customer is important at Elle Jewellery, so we extend our customer service offer and retail support unconditionally – no matter how unique your business might be.

Above all, Elle Jewellery's mission is to provide Australian fashion retailers with the 'edge' they need to stay ahead of the Australian fashion industry.

The Original Turkish Towels

Check out Elle Jewellery's huge range of Turkish towels, round Turkish towels and beach blankets at The Original Turkish Towels Australia. Turkish bath towels make a beautiful addition to any bathroom. Turkish beach towels are sand repellent, lightweight, compact and quick drying. Turkish towels make fantastic beach towels, gym towels, sports towels, baby towels, pool towels, sarong towels, kids towels, hair towels, couch throws, bed throws or throw blankets. Large Turkish towels are ideal for beach blankets, large beach towels or picnic blankets.

The Original Turkish Towels is a small business that I started on my own in August of 2016. Since that time the small online platform has shown resilient growth throughout this period, moving forward myself and the team behind it's inception have being trying to identify the strengths and weaknesses of this niche market. We would like share some of our findings with you as to why and how this seemingly common item has been so resilient.

The Australian beach culture is something very unique and dear for all Australians. Traditionally our mindset has been to grab the usual thick and bulky Terry towelling towel. However this is were the Turkish towel characteristics really starts to come into its own. Sharing it's bloodline with silk manufacturing from the far east through The Silk Road, the blend of traditional weaving and Agean cotton has created a truly unique and wholesome product.

As thin as a table cloth and as absorbent as chamois, the humble peshtemal is the towel of choice throughout spas in the middle east. Today the TURKISH TOWEL has found a new home on the pristine beaches all over Australia. Fast drying and sand repellent the Turkish towel is a sincerely practical item for EVERYBODY from kids to grandmas. Small enough for children's day packs to light enough to use as a scarf this item truly has many forms. With unlimited colors and designs the Turkish towel is also a decorators delight. Our data also suggests the dynamic towel is wonderful gift for family and friends, reasonably priced looking after even the largest of families and communities won't break the bank.

We are proud to announce the expansion of our range to the Australian market with over 50 new colors and designs. Be sure to take a close look at VALIDE ELMAS the thicker and heavier version of the hammam leader the SULTAN.

We and the team at THE ORIGINAL TURKISH TOWELS would really appreciate each and every Australian if you can PLEASE share, like and review our page and posts and inform your fellow Australians what a gem this humble product really is.

100% Authentic made in turkey



Kind Regards,

Jason Huang and TOTT crew.